It’s not wrong trying to do everything yourself as being in control makes it more convenient. Sometimes, when you don’t have much experience in doing it, this may cause an unsatisfied result. Hence, V-Click Technology has established as China Digital Marketing Agency to serve the needs in Thailand.

Starting from scratch can take time to learn so having a company that is expert and specialized in doing marketing in China from the beginning, tackling all the problems and has been through all the difficult challenges will be a good start to help your business to enter China, just like a great Chinese warrior to win all the battle. Today V-Click would like to share the advantages of having a China Digital Marketing Agency.

Language Barrier

If you want to enter the Chinese market, the first obstacle you have to face is language barrier, which is a basic communication tool. Just in some countries there is a second language that can be used as a means of communication, but not with China, where most people in the country speak Chinese. Not just the main language, but for some people may be in only one language they use. As a result, if miscommunication or communication errors occur, It may have an unexpected effect or can affect the image of your business or brand. Learning Chinese language just to do marketing in China can be time consuming. Easier is to find someone who is fluent in Chinese or a native speaker to help communicate with target audiences in China helps to reduce the complexity of the work process.


Taking care of your own business may make you have a deep understanding of your own product/ services in the field but you might not specialize in marketing. This part should be handed over to a China Digital Marketing Agency that has rich experience in analyzing the market for both brands and competitors and have been through various problems and challenges in their milestones. To make your brand being recognized and successful, apart from gathering information and research, it also depends on the experience gained, this is where V-Click comes in and makes planning more efficient and takes your company to success.

Save manpower

To do marketing you must have an experienced team of experts to join the team and requires a lot of resources that can be time consuming and it will be harder to find someone who has the abilities of marketing and understanding Chinese audience. Having China Digital Marketing Agency may be the right choice as a solution to the problem, as it has a clearly defined set of responsibilities and tends to move things more efficiently.

Marketing technology

Being a China Digital Marketing Agency is to provide marketing service to brands. How good would it be if China Digital Marketing Agency comes with a technology solution that can help to save time to manually collect 840 million datasets in China, that can track consumer behavior in every step of the process, including the dashboard to monitor the performance.

Target audience’s INSIGHT

To do marketing in Thailand is easier as we are familiar with Thai behavior. However, it is difficult to understand a large population of China that has a different way of thinking and culture. Therefore, it requires personal or shared experience from living in that environment to understand the audiences’ mind, emotions and feelings.

Deep knowledge of all communication channels

Communication channels that we use, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Line, have nothing to do with online marketing in China, as they use Weibo, Wechat, Bilibili, Douyin, Xiao Hong Shu RED. Different platforms have different crowds, some are more to GEN Y, and some are to GEN Z, with different features or functions and ads type.

From 5 points mentioned above, you can find it within V-Click, full of experienced marketing over 11 years in China, and 2 years in helping Thai brands entering China with excellent results with the support from our technology like iAudience, iAccess, iAx and Tracking Solution. As we originated from China, we know Chinese insights in and out as it is a part of our daily life. If you still don’t know where to start, please do not hesitate to contact us. V-Click is ready to give you a consultation. Send enquire for more information at