Wechat is the most used app that everyone has installed in China. Popular applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Line, that we are using, are blocked and make it difficult to access, thus, Chinese Social Network is different from the rest of the world. 

To make it easier to understand, WeChat is an application similar to LINE used for sending chat messages to each other, however, it has complete functions from posting status and stories, posting pictures, reading news, sending messages, shopping, paying, transferring money, investing and sending Hong Pao in one app.

When most Chinese people go to do activities or go to hang out, they usually carry only smartphones. Therefore, it will be good if your brand or ad is displayed to the Chinese audience through Wechat, where they use it in everyday lives. In order to reach out to 840 million users and be able to identify the right target audience, V-Click Technology, a strong partner of Tencent can give advice for some tips on how to promote via this giant platform.

1. Moment Ads

WeChat Moment is like a Facebook News Feed and LINE Timeline where each user shares his or her story. Both status and picture will be displayed on moment and enable them to reach their target audience by inserting the ads in between their friends’ posts. Both the publishing format and ad setup process are similar to Facebook advertising. From audience selection with insights includes the ability to target Chinese tourists who are planning to travel out in other countries. Advertising via Moment Ads is the easiest and most popular method.

2. WeChat Banner Ad

WeChat Official Account or brand account is the main channel that serves to communicate with users. It has the strength of being reliable. Advertising via the official account channel will be in the form of a banner with a Call to Action button inserted in the article as in the website chapter. On the platform of WeChat, there are two places where banners will be displayed in the article: In-Article, the position inserted in the content of the article and the bottom at the bottom of the article.

3. Blogger & Influencer

This is an effective method for China Digital Marketing. Many brands have seen the effectiveness of blogger or influencer to help generate sales, creating sensation around the world, i.e. Viya or Zhang Dayi, the female net idols that create sales for clothing through live-streaming, achieved 45 million yuan in an hour. With Wechat Advertising, it can be tailored to suit the image of the brand and help to reach the right target audience. 

Each method of advertising on WeChat has different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it must be used appropriately in achieving goals and objectives, whether to increase the number of application downloads, increase the number of followers on WeChat Official Account or increase the traffic of your website.

Analyzing these online marketing channels on WeChat, V-Click Technology has partnered with Tencent, able to reach a database of more than 840 million. However, advertising through WeChat requires you to go through a process so you will need a qualified agency to support.

If you have plans for China Digital Marketing, you may consult us at sales@v-click.co.th.