Everyone knows the greatest of China, which is the second largest market, after the US. Imagine to cover just a small share of the market is a huge sum of money that attracts many businesses and brands to gaze upon it to start exploring for China digital marketing.

Chinese consumer behavior has changed rapidly these days, Chinese people are using online as a tool to keep pace with fast development of digitalization. The most commonly used and well known is WeChat, where you can communicate via chat, shopping via ecommerce through mini program and make payment through WeChat Pay. China Digital Marketing plays an important role as a tool to penetrate into China. With 840 Million Chinese audiences’ datasets, getting the right target audience for your business will be as difficult as building the Great Wall of China. This is the reason why we need to get prepared before penetrating into Chinese market.

1. Market Research

Products and services are the first thing to determine your fate. It might be difficult to compete with the local market if your products or services are too common. If your product is too simple and without any complexity, local competitors might copy your idea or product easily. Plus, with mass production in the local market, the price can be cheaper, which makes it difficult to compete. In this case, it is just like you already lost in this competition. Therefore, market research and competitor analysis of the local market is important to understand the market overview ahead and help us to evaluate our own strength with this competitive market.

2. Understand your target audience

The Chinese market is growing rapidly, resulting in a quick change in Chinese consumer behavior. A thorough understanding of the consumption behavior of the target audience is therefore an advantage. The fresher and faster information you get, the quicker that you keep ahead of your competitors.

3. Follow local rules

To penetrate the market in a foreign country, you definitely need to study the laws, culture and customs of that country carefully, as some are sensitive and may have a negative impact that we may not have foreseen, and if that is the case, you may not have another chance to do it again.

4. Communication channels

To communicate with the target audience, we need to know which channels/ media that our target audiences normally use, which varies in different countries. Chinese people don’t use Facebook, Line, Twitter, Instagram, like other countries, they have their own social media platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, Bilibili, Douyin and Baidu. Therefore, you will need to learn a local way of communication to really understand the Chinese better.

5. Objective and Planning

The most important step before doing marketing is to set up your goal, this can help you figure out how to plan, work and proceed smoothly. For easy understanding, the goal can determine how to work your marketing plan out, starting from planning to action, all the way to measuring your marketing performance and result meeting your goal and criteria.

These 5 preparation tips may help to kick start for those who don’t know where to begin China digital marketing. This can be time consuming without help from China marketing experts. To support these needs, V-Click Technology, a joint venture between VGI PLC and iClick Interactive Group, has established to help brands to cope with marketing barriers.

With the company’s origin in China, we have a  deep understanding of the Chinese consumers and the Chinese market. In addition, we also have a powerful marketing technology that can make things easier and faster. With iSuite technology, comprised of iAudience, a platform that has 840 million Chinese audience dataset scattered across all media platforms in China, we help to synchronize all data for real-time access and easier for understanding to save time.

Moreover, we also have iAccess, a platform that provides a one stop solution, starting from planning, selecting your target audience from demographic characteristics, interests, behavior, as well as channels to promote your brand. This platform calculates real-time advertising costs and can optimise ads performance while the campaign is live.

With the Technology that we have, this makes it easier to get prepared for these 5 tips. Hence, it is indispensable to have a Chinese marketing experts like V-Click, who understand Chinese people and Chinese market well. As Tencent IBG’s first overseas “Platinum Partner”, covering Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and other Asia-Pacific countries as well as Europe  Middle East Africa.

If you still don’t know where to start, please do not hesitate to consult with us. V-Click is ready to join hands with you to invade the vast territory known as the Chinese market. Send your enquiries to sales@v-click.co.th