Property Investment Through China Digital Marketing

Reach High Net Worth Chinese on Overseas Property Investment Through China Digital Marketing

iClick is a China digital marketing technology company that uses massive data sources and powerful AI technology to reach Chinese audiences across Chinese Social Media to turn marketing data into actionable insights through technology platforms. We’ve more than a decade of experience specializing in data-driven marketing solutions in the China market for a wide range of industries including real estate.

As a premium partner to key Chinese media publishers, such as Tencent WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Xiao Hong Shu RED, Baidu, and China Union Pay, we have access to various consumer database for over 1,300M+ profiled Chinese users which covers more than 98% of Chinese netizens. This allows us to tailor the industry-specific solutions to reach targeted potential Chinese investors and buyers.

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According to our iAudience, market intelligence & audience identification platform that empower marketers to understand their target audience’s profiling, segmentation, and competitive landscapes, show that the Chinese intender in Thailand real estate is over 300K. Investors from various countries have taken an interest in property investment: places such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and most significantly, China –the country alone made up almost 30% of the total percentage of property investors in 2017. We can group the audiences into three types; Premium Travelers, HNWI, and Middle-Class families. When we plan out for the China digital marketing campaign, we can use different audience targeting standards to conduct the campaign to achieve the best result.

The reason why Chinese investors choose Thailand besides being a tropical paradise, there are many other reasons to invest in Thailand property. As the country has shown strong and consistent growth in recent years, housing and land prices continue to rise. Many expats continue to choose Thailand, finding a dream home here at a fraction of the price is often very possible. Additionally, average property prices are considerably lower than those in the countries of potential investors.

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