Plan Your China Digital Marketing To Win The First Post Covid Trip

Plan Your China Digital Marketing To Win The First Post Covid Trip

Recently, many countries opened their borders, and everything returned to normal. Many Chinese have already started drafting their post-covid international trips. Now is the right time to act and increase your destination awareness.

iClick is a leading China digital marketing agency. We have rich experience in facing the needs of overseas brands to advertise for Chinese tourists. Our customers also come from many different industries, such as hotels, government agencies, shopping malls, etc. Their main goal is to increase the awareness of their brands among Chinese tourists, and try to increase the traffic of Chinese tourists through new digital cross-channel strategies. iClick has strong proprietary multi-dimensional Chinese audience data and AI technology to respond to this demand, in order to allow customers to achieve the best results.

One of our testimonials is from Armani Hotel Dubai – Expanding their brand presence in Digital advertising in China. 


Dubai has been gearing up to welcome the growing wave of Chinese tourists. Chinese nationals are eligible for a 30-day visa-on-arrival into the UAE, which gives Chinese travelers lots of conveniences.  Armani Hotel Dubai is ready to take their sales to Chinese tourists to the next level with upgraded facilities and operation efficiencies. One of the challenges they faced was the lack of understanding in Chinese travelers, particularly the demographics that were likely to be attracted to their hotel.

Armani Hotel Dubai was challenged by the huge differences in the business practice, unique culture and language barrier in running digital advertising in China.

The hotel needed a partner to fill the gaps. iClick came as its natural partner, with the know-how and experience to help guide its campaign to success.


iClick offers proven methodology to get the Ps of China digital marketing right.

Trying to push through any marketing campaign in China without local expertise and connections will almost certainly get companies in a “twice (or manifold) the efforts (and money, of course), half (or no) the result” trap.

iClick tailored an optimal solution for the hotel to increase brand awareness and booking rate from China, which is the key market for the hotel.

Utilizing proprietary information and trade connections that took decades to nurture, supported by dedicated knowledgeable global and local teams, iClick assisted Armani Hotel Dubai in reaching their target Chinese tourists insights through China’s most popular mobile and Internet sites including WeChat and Weibo to improve reach and booking potential. Armani Hotel Dubai’s message was delivered to the desired segments.


Armani Hotel Dubai was happy with the following after partnering with iClick for their digital advertising in China:

  • Due to iClick’s unrivaled technological and execution strengths, the ads of Armani Hotel Dubai were delivered in an omnichannel manner, which raised the brand awareness and garnered interest between Chinese consumers. Subsequently, Armani Hotel Dubai saw a surge in conversion rate.
  • During the campaign, the Armani Hotel Dubai brand was connected with 87% of Chinese mobile users.

Plan Your China Digital Marketing To Win The First Post Covid Trip 2

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