Popular Social Media and Channel to Communicate with Chinese Audience and Do China Marketing

China has 1.44 billion population and the second largest economy, it has 15.12% of the world’s gross domestic product. Gaining just 1% of the market share can mean huge income from Chinese consumers which is currently one of the main purchasing power in many industries. There are many brands and businesses around the world, spending a large amount of budget in marketing to penetrate the Chinese market. Therefore, if a foreign brand wants to enter the Chinese market or build a reputation, it must appear in a place that has a positive effect on building awareness and participation to build a reputation and communicate with a large number of target groups. V-Click Technology would like to bring everyone to get acquaintance with popular Chinese Social Media to start doing Chinese Digital Marketing that is hot in the year 2021.


The only popular Super App social media platform that can do it all. The main use is a chat messaging application like LINE, which Thai people use to update status and also has ePayment features such as WeChat Pay that allows Chinese people to use WeChat to spend both online and offline through a single mobile phone. Or whether to buy a train ticket, call a taxi, give away a red packet, find a partner, rent a bike and more. 

WeChat also provides a WeChat Official Account feature for brands who want to market via WeChat to promote and communicate with their customers. Including E-commerce features such as WeChat Mini Program that are open to brands to create astore or sup-application on WeChat to sell products with a complete marketing on WeChat.

This year, WeChat is already at its 10th anniversary, introducing new features such as short videos and animated emojis, as well as WeBeans, which is a top up money feature to give the audience a favorite Streamer on WeChat’s Live Streaming Channels.

According to the latest statistics, WeChat has surpassed 1.2 billion users. There are 38 billion messages sent per day. There are 68 million videos uploaded on WeChat per day. Most Chinese people spend more than 1 hour per day. Most users open WeChat 10 times a day and have over 20 million WeChat Official Accounts.

For this reason, WeChat is an indispensable platform for marketing in China. In communicating about brands and promotions until sales are achieved by using post content, articles on WeChat Moment and Story on Time Capsule feature to create a trustworthy brand image, which helps to increase engagement and convert followers into customers. The new features like WOW when users press Like the brand’s articles, it will feature in the WOW category on the homepage following Top stories, making it easier for WeChat users to access our brand, including WeChat Search feature that allows you to market SEO (Search Engine). 


This is a social media platform like microblogging similar to Twitter and Facebook. Chinese people use it to post status, share and exchange  news in current issues in society. Content on Weibo has easily become viral and is a popular platform for KOL and celebrities to chat with their fans.

As of 2020, Weibo has more than 523 million subscribers, more than 224 million daily active users of Weibo, with more than 50% increase in Live Stream usage. More than 82% of users on Weibo are online shoppers.

Weibo is therefore another social media suitable for online marketing. Brands can post content to grab attention and engage with audiences and followers on Weibo. As more people read the content or articles, the article will then be placed on the Hot Topic or Super Topic page and can be accessed free of charge to a large audience of Weibo. Therefore, the more interesting the content is created, the more popular the brand is. Currently, Weibo also has its own live streaming platform, Yizhibo Live, which is becoming increasingly popular with KOL and celebrities to chat with fans or do live sales.


Another platform that was popular around the world during COVID-19, TikTok, is a platform that many brands are starting to focus on. But in China, TikTok, known as Douyin, is separated from Tiktok, but has the same use as the most popular short video content platform in China. It has 800 million monthly accounts and 600 million people visit Douyin per day. The number of users has increased by 200% in two years, with most users spending an average of 45 minutes per day watching videos on Douyin.

Of course, marketers looking to market China through Douyin through advertisement, but Douyin has an even more unique feature, which allows content creators to attach product links under clips or in their profile so viewers can shop immediately. It also has a feature that helps to find the product within the video.

Content creation or marketing campaigns can easily generate buzz for your brand. Most content that is popular for Douyin are video challenges, such as travel businesses that create hashtags, inviting people to make videos of their travel experiences during the National Day of China. It received overwhelming responses over 4 billion views within a week.


Youtube is banned in China so it had to be replaced by a platform like bilibili. Launched in 2010, it became the most popular video platform in China by default. It has over 172 million accounts per month with over 51 million daily active users. It is a very popular platform among the younger generation, especially Gen Z.

In addition to the VDO content that bilibili streams on its own platform, i.e. movies. TV programs, and anime, are also open to the public who can create VDO content just like YouTubers. With more than 1 million bilibili-based content creators, KOL or Influencers, can be challenging to market on bilibili to make the video interesting to get attention for users.

Bilibili is not just a platform for video content. But aiming to be a social media platform, an entertainment center because there is also a category of games and more than 13.4 million Chinese people are willing to pay for their membership, resulting in more income, with total income of more than 32,000 million baht in 2019.

Xiao Hong Shu RED

There are Facebook, Twitter and Youtube versions in China. How about Instagram? Xiao Hong Shu RED, also known as Little Red Book, is a social media platform with a distinctive audience type because the majority of Xiao Hong Shu RED users are young and urban women aged 18-35 years old. In 2020, it has surpassed 300 million members and 100 million monthly active users. More than 56% of users live in major cities, 72% are millennials and 85% are women, which are the people with very high purchasing power.

Xiao Hong Shu RED, apart from being Social Media, is also an e-commerce built-in like Instagram and Pinterest, mixed with Amazon as an e-commerce platform where users can post reviews, exchange content on Xiao Hong Shu RED focuses on product pictures, shopping, shopping tips, discounts and promotions, where users can find product information and review to support for  purchasing decisions.

Xiao Hong Shu RED has, therefore, become the most sincere platform for the brands who are interested in selling the products with good quality.

This hybrid platform is also home to KOL and influencers in beauty and fashion. There are also luxury brands. Many expensive products to market to buy advertisements on this platform. Until it becomes an outstanding image of the platform that sells luxury products. The most popular categories are cosmetics, fashion, travel, health, food and mother and child products. More than 100,000 fashion and beauty content is uploaded per day. It is a great challenge in making the brand’s identity stand out among these contents.

If your brand wants to enter the Chinese market through these popular social media, we are ready to take you to market. With decades of knowledge and working experience combined with Chinese Social Media background, V-Click Technology is a marketing company affiliated with iClick Interactive Asia Group, one of the top marketing companies in Greater China. Digital Marketing solution technology that gathers insights will enable you to reach the hearts of Chinese consumers. You can send in your enquires at Sales@v-click.co.th.