The Importance Of The WeChat Mini-Program To Effectively Lead Brands Into The China E-commerce Market

The Importance Of The WeChat Mini-Program To Effectively Lead Brands Into The China E-commerce Market

In terms of enterprise solutions, V-Click technology the subsidiary company of iClick Interactive, the professional China Digital Marketing Agency that partner with Tencent, has the answer to provide comprehensive offerings to enhance the value of their proprietary data and gain actionable insights from such data to improve enterprise decision-making through Smart Retail Solution (SaaS).

Today we will specifically take a look at the WeChat Mini-Program platform. Let us show you how WeChat Mini-Program can take your E-commerce business to the next level. WeChat Mini-Program connects with Chinese consumers effectively, and the power of private domain traffic under the WeChat ecosystem drives e-commerce growth. In detail, the following bullets are WeChat Mini Program benefits that make you understand how it helps your business.

  • WeChat Mini-Program is expected to be the largest China e-commerce platform in the next three years with ten trillion GMV
  • Fission (viral marketing) is the most effective way to drive new WeChat Mini-Program users, nearly 40% of new users join the WeChat Mini-Program through friend sharing/referrals
  • With Tencent Marketing API data and precise audience targeting through different media, V-Click can effectively help brands, direct potential customers, to their respective WeChat Mini-Programs
  • Brands wanting to access the Chinese market should consider tapping into the WeChat ecosystem and create their own WeChat Mini-Program
  • If business have offline stores, must find their competitive advantage over online stores – through being experiential
  • Technological advances can help brands enhance customer experience by connecting both off and online journeys and in turn remain prominent in the long run 

Except for the above details, iClick Interactive participated in some marketing events this year. One of the events that iClick joined was Retail Innovations Asia Conference 2022, organized by Escom, which is designed for the business leader to discover the trends that will dominate retail innovation in 2022 and beyond. iClick‘s spokesperson joined with the topic to show how the WeChat Mini-Program is fuelling a new generation of cross-border E-commerce growth in China’s online market with its private domain traffic management capabilities.

Here’re some key takeaways that businesses can consider in the field of China E-Commerce market.

  • The WeChat Mini-Program has taken China E-commerce industry by storm, achieving 450 million daily active users in 2022
  • The most significant advantage of the WeChat Mini-Program is the control brands have over their data
  • WeChat Mini-Program enables brands to manage owned private domain traffic and draw actionable insights for sustainable sales growth 

For the iClick smart retail solution, we can provide a powerful Ecommerce SaaS enabler that accelerates business growth in China by building Ecommerce SaaS experiences with outstanding flexibility, creativity, and innovation. One of the successful of our smart retail solutions is POLED by putting the latest trends into practice, they established an e-commerce channel with a WeChat Mini-Program.

The Importance Of The WeChat Mini-Program To Effectively Lead Brands Into The China E-commerce Market 2


Founded in 2019, POLED spotted the growing consumption of Korean products along with K-pop, soap operas, and fashion in the China market. As a Korean brand focusing on high-quality child car seats and baby products, POLED has its own advantages in product development and reaching their target group. In June 2021, POLED announced the launch of its WeChat Mini-Program and officially entered the Chinese market. 

Referencing on remarkably successful China entry stories of other Korean brands, POLED has partnered with iClick Interactive, a leading enterprise and marketing cloud platform with its one-stop cross-border e-commerce solution and innovative data-driven marketing platforms to connect worldwide brands with Chinese audiences.


iClick has provided professional advice and cross-border smart retail solutions which empowers the brand to enter the China online market smoothly. Leveraging the powerful SaaS-based platform, iSmartGo, POLED has successfully built up the WeChat Mini-Program quickly and cost-effectively with several key highlights:

  • Established a user-friendly ecommerce store on a WeChat Mini-Program with diverse plugins to enrich user shopping experiences empowered by a highly flexible SaaS platform
  • Offered flash sales, coupons and group buying promotions to encourage sharing among consumers
  • Reached customers through the “POLED assistant” directly via the WeChat Mini-Program, enjoyed the real-time conversation and brand interaction within the WeChat ecosystem
  • Launched a membership system to reward loyal consumers for repeat purchases. Users are able to gain points after purchase and then redeem for coupon
  • Drive quality traffic through WeChat advertising with precise audience targeting to reach Chinese affluent parent segment
  • Integrated with sophisticated data analytics platform Tencent Youshu to facilitate the digital operation of mini-program by monitoring traffic data, analyzing sales performances, deriving user insights, and hence guiding operation decisions
  • Integrate with WeChat Pay to offer convenience for Chinese customers when purchasing the products within WeChat Mini-Program.

If your brand wants to enter the Chinese market through China E-Commerce, V-Click is ready to take you to the next level of online marketing in China. With decades of knowledge and working experience combined with Chinese Social Media background, V-Click Technology is a marketing company affiliated with iClick Interactive Asia Group, one of the top marketing companies in Greater China. China Digital Marketing solution technology that gathers insights will enable you to capture the hearts of Chinese consumers. You can send in your enquiries at