Uncover China Digital Marketing and Competitive Landscape

Uncover China Digital Marketing and Competitive Landscape with Our Best-in-class Market Intelligence at Your Fingertips

iClick is a China digital marketing technology company that uses massive data sources and powerful AI technology to reach Chinese audiences across premium media channels to turn marketing data into actionable insights through technology platforms – iAudience, iAccess and iNsights.

iAudience empowers marketers to understand their target audiences profiling, segmentation and competitive landscapes. iAccess is a cross-channel programmatic demand-side platform. iNsights is a one-stop intelligent marketing analytics solution designed for website and WeChat Mini-program.

With this technology, iClick deploys a China digital marketing campaign with Blueair Asia “Urban Oasis – Enjoy healthy lives at home.


The demand for personal hygiene and homecare products has grown exponentially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This created a huge market opportunity for Blueair, a Swedish company providing award-winning air purifiers to expand their business massively across APAC, covering Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia markets. iClick Interactive helps to promote China digital marketing for Blueair by undertaking a programmatic cross-channel advertising approach through its unified data platform.


Imbued with omnichannel capabilities and supported by its extensive data set covering over 98% of Chinese netizens, iClick leveraged its proprietary China digital marketing technology platform to help Blueair obtain a deeper understanding of their audiences through real-time data analysis with cutting-edge technologies covering iClick’s ground-breaking products – iAudience, iAccess and iNsights, reaching their target audience in an omni-channel manner across different media resources.

  • Phase 1: Localized Targeting: identify target audience through iClick’s market intelligence platform – iAudience covering proprietary 940m+ multi-dimensional Chinese audience data
  • Phase 2: Expand Target Audience Reach: boost digital presence leveraging proprietary programmatic marketing platform – iAccess
  • Phase 3: Track and Remarketing Look-a-like Audiences: optimize campaign performance through proprietary one-stop cross-channel campaign measurement and monitoring tool – iNsights


The campaign clinched Silver Award in the “Most Innovative Media Technology” category at Campaign’s Digital Media Awards 2021.

Uncover China Digital Marketing and Competitive Landscape 2

Promising results during the 5 weeks’ campaign (May-Jul 2020):

Uncover China Digital Marketing and Competitive Landscape 3

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