Understand How Video Platforms in China Can Help to Reach Chinese Audiences

Understand How Video Platforms in China Can Help to Reach Chinese Audiences

The use of video platforms in China has gradually increased since the epidemic outbreak. Many brands are also increasingly seizing this opportunity to start the China video platform marketing, to penetrate the awareness of Chinese consumers about their brands. iClick Interactive has also helped several global brands to promote their campaigns through China’s leading video publishers. So, what are the most popular video platforms in China today? Let’s get to know them today.

  • Tencent Video

Tencent Video is a leading online video platform in China, aiming to continuously improve people’s video entertainment life. The platform synchronously broadcasts the wonderful programs of major TV stations to the majority of users and provides a large number of high-definition movies, TV series, variety shows, animation, sports and other on-demand videos. With strong technical advantages and excellent user experience, Tencent Video has penetrated into the lives of tens of millions of users, especially in major events such as the 2008 Olympic Games, NBA League, Happy Girls, Spring Festival Gala, and other major events, becoming the industry leader

  • iQiYi

Since its establishment, iQIYI has adhered to the concept of “Always Fun, Always Fine”, with “user experience” as its life, and is determined to innovate. In terms of product technology, iQIYI continues to invest heavily to ensure that online viewing is clear, smooth and user-friendly. In terms of content, in addition to the purchase of genuine film and television content, “iQIYI Produced” has also entered the field of self-production from movies, online dramas, variety shows, entertainment programs, etc., setting a professional and quality benchmark for online self-made content. At the same time, iQIYI in-depth exploration of new technologies and new models of advertising, with the “SWS” model (“Search” – “Watch” – “Share”) as its core competitiveness, for brand advertisers provide high-quality, cost-effective video marketing services.

  • YouKu

Youku takes “faster is king” as its product concept, and with the product features of “fast playback, fast release, and fast search”, it fully meets users’ growing interactive needs and diversified video experience. Now Youku has become the most influential and most popular video media in China’s Internet field.

  • Bilibili

The feature of the ฺฺBilibili website is the real-time comment function suspended above the video. This unique video experience enables the Internet-based real-time barrage to transcend the limitations of time and space, build a wonderful synchronic relationship, and form a virtual tribe The Bilibili website has become a trendy cultural and entertainment community with interactive sharing and secondary creation. The Bilibili website is also one of the birthplaces of many Internet buzzwords.

How can iClick help you?

We have already had a preliminary understanding of the situation of a video platform in China. Now let’s understand the method of using these platforms to enter the Chinese market.

With the support of massive data sources and powerful artificial intelligence technology, we can reach Chinese audiences through high-quality Chinese social media channels. We have developed technology called iAccess, a cross-channel programmatic demand-side platform that uses a data-driven approach to digital advertising in China to connect brands and marketers with their target Chinese audiences through premium Chinese publishers and ad exchanges.

In addition, our services also expand the scale to obtain high-quality Chinese social media resources, access China’s high-quality advertising trading platforms and media, covering millions of PC websites, mobile applications and high-quality China video platforms, anytime, anywhere, in any format. Display ads in any format, all on one platform.

One of iClick’s successful Online Marketing China campaigns that uses the video platform marketing in China is K11 Musea – “Share Joy” Campaign.  

Understand How Video Platforms in China Can Help to Reach Chinese Audiences 2


To celebrate K11 Musea’s first anniversary, the luxury shopping centre in Hong Kong pushed out the “Share Joy” campaign for driving brand awareness with a series of art and culture events, in particular one of their most ambitious works, Van Gogh’s Ear. iClick Interactive came as a natural partner to help K11 Musea in reaching the right target audience by running a programmatic data-driven omni-channel targeting ad campaign.


iClick combines proprietary iAudience data, and AI-driven technology to define the target audience, with client’s audience data and 3rd party data , iClick adopted a data-driven strategy and leveraged its one-stop cross-channel targeting solution – iAccess to deliver digital advertising in China through display, social and online video ads across different channels to cater every touchpoint of consumer journey.


Promising results in 3 weeks’ campaign:

Understand How Video Platforms in China Can Help to Reach Chinese Audiences 3

If your brand wants to enter the Chinese market through Video Platforms in China, V-Click is ready to take you to the next level of online marketing in China. With decades of knowledge and working experience combined with Chinese Social Media background, V-Click Technology is a marketing company affiliated with iClick Interactive Asia Group, one of the top marketing companies in Greater China. China Digital Marketing solution technology that gathers insights will enable you to capture the hearts of Chinese consumers. You can send in your enquiries at sales@v-click.co.th.