The China Market Through Working With A Professional China Digital Marketing Agency

Effectively Getting Into The China Market Through Working With A Professional China Digital Marketing Agency

iClick is a leading China Digital Marketing Agency. Our belief is search, service, and innovation, using big ​​data technology to help clients in various industries achieve business success.

iClick has clients from many different industries with different needs, so we understand the pain points. That is why iClick continues to develop and optimize our marketing technology platform to help each customer conduct effective digital advertising campaigns in China.

One of the marketing technology platforms developed by iClick is iAccess, an all-in-one cross-channel programmatic advertising platform that helps brands reach Chinese consumers more efficiently and thoroughly.

How will iAccess help businesses? What is the effective way to reach Chinese consumers through China digital marketing platform through iAccess? 

1. Powerful Proprietary Multi-Dimensional Chinese Audience Data and AI Technology

iAccess leverages proprietary anonymous Chinese audience data across premium media channels to reach Chinese audiences and also identifies the target audience based on demographics, purchasing power, behaviors, etc to create a comprehensive audience profile for personalized marketing. 

Finally, we can define and reach target audiences precisely empowered by iAccess’s proprietary AI-powered audience labeling systems for advanced targeting.

2. Broad Access to Premium China Online Marketing Media Inventory at Scale

iAccess enables access to premium Chinese social media, ad exchanges, and media in China, covering millions of PC websites, mobile apps, and premium OTV platforms, to advertise in any format on any screen at any time, all available within one platform.

3. iAccess has All-rounded Ads Management Capabilities

  • Personalized Remarketing
  • Cross-channel Frequency Control Management
  • Advanced Audience Targeting Capability
  • Third-party Tracking Support
  • Deep Link Implementation
  • Fraud Detection and Screening

One of the successful Online Marketing China campaigns that iClick has supported by leveraging the iAccess platform is the Huawei MateBook Launch Campaign.

The China Market Through Working With A Professional China Digital Marketing Agency 2


Referencing a survey that the shipping volume of notebooks surged in Q1 2016, Huawei launched its own version of the product – MateBook in the same year, targeting stylish businessmen. The notebook market was dominated by a few brands at that moment, leaving little room for newcomers. Meanwhile, the category’s target audiences had slowly shifted to mobile when it came to obtaining information about product options and details. Huawei hoped to promote MateBook via Chinese social media on mobile devices to reach the right audiences and rapidly boost product awareness and actual sales.


Leveraging its data platform, iClick Interactive located the audiences with demand for MateBook, its competing products and notebooks, then expanded the campaign’s target audience size by adding in the audiences for Huawei’s smartphone Mate 8’s referencing our platform’s archived advertising data. iClick then synchronized these target users’ online behaviors across PC and mobile to ensure an accurate grab of their preferences and hence precise ad deliveries.

iClick also leveraged the location-based system in mobile devices to specifically target users who appeared in specified business districts and at airports during the campaign period. We also data-mined in our platform the users who repeatedly visited our specified business zones and reached them via mobile ads.

As for media, we carefully selected a basket of premium apps specializing in travel, business, IT, and technology. We also rotated a set of ad creatives with different content and objectives throughout the campaign to maximize ad effectiveness.


The campaign scooped the Outstanding Case Study Award and Big Data Marketing Award at China’s School of Interactive Marketing Awards 2016 and Top Mobile Awards 2016 respectively.

The China Market Through Working With A Professional China Digital Marketing Agency 3

The China Market Through Working With A Professional China Digital Marketing Agency 5

And to emphasize the professional ability of iClick, as China Digital Marketing Agency, we are ecstatic to share that for the second consecutive year iClick has been the awardee at MarTech Breakthrough Award conducted by Martech Breakthrough, a leading marketing intelligence organization that recognizes standout marketing, advertising, and sales technology around the world. It is an excellent acknowledgment of the capabilities of iAccess solution, a one-stop cross-channel programmatic advertising platform that connects brands and marketers with Chinese consumers via premium Chinese online marketing!

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